Xytronics 426DLX Solder Fume Extractor


Product Description

No More tears! Increased productivity! Improved
work environment!…all by removing noxious fumes…

Convenient space saving fume extractor. Safely remove noxious fumes from your work environment, reducing headaches, nausea and eye irritations associated with the exposure to solder fumes. Removable cover enables multiple positions for efficient air ventilation; keep the cover on for up flow ventilation or remove for rear facing ventilation.


  • High content ratios of resin generate phenol (C6H5OH) and the activators can emit hydrogen chloride (HCL) or other compounds. The US Government has occupational hazard standards controlling the permissible amounts of such compounds in the work area and the 426DLX when used properly, help meet those standards.
  • Flux is an integral part of the soldering process to prepare the work surface. Composed of rosin-resin and mixed with an activator (halogen organic agent) that, as the temperature increases, generate noxious components such as salicylic acid and pinene commonly seen as smoke rising from the work area.

The 426 is developed with a high performance fan and an easy to replace activated carbon filter. The filter is made by joining specific foam with refined activated carbon. The dust collection efficiency of the filter is 30% while the carbon filter can absorb up to 30% of its carbon weight in noxious components

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