Weller WX2021 Dual Rework Station


Weller WX2021 Dual Rework Station with 40W Soldering Pencil & Micro Tweezers
Product Features:
240 W Power Supply
Very high capacity
Quick heating-up time
Ability to use of 200 W tools
Simultaneously powers two 120 W tools
Robust Touchscreen
Patented, capacitive touchscreen made of real glass
Chemical resistant
Temperature resistant
Intuitive Use
Turn-and-click wheel with enter key and finger guide
Six touch keys
Multiple language selection
Versatile connectivity options
Multi-purpose USB port
Energy-saving sleep mode
Product Description:
Includes power unit, one 40W soldering iron (Model WXMP), RT3 solder tip and one WXMT micro tweezer (Model WXMT), set of RTW2 tweezer tips and safety rests with dry cleaner for both handpieces.

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