Solder Feeder Station Weller WTSF80


Weller WSF81D5 Solder Feeder System
The auto feed of the solder provides a “third hand” for soldering tasks
Use with solder wire between 0.5mm and 0.8mm
The system adjusts automatically to the wire diameter
The system can be set for either auto or continuous feed
Outstanding performance in lead-free environments
Uses LT Series tips
Can be used with optional foot switch – order no. 0051312099
Use only genuine Weller replacement soldering tips
Optional fume extraction tube for use with WFE2P is available Order no. 0052812699
Wattage: 90 W
Soldering Pencil(s): WSFP5 (order no. 0052812199)
Temperature Range: 150deg F to 850deg F
Voltage Input/Output: 240 V/24 V
Supplied Tip(s): LTBX
Iron Stand: AKS
Temperature Accuracy: +/- 9degF to +/- 5degC

Product Description

Weller WTSF80
Flowin Smart Solder Feeder Unit and 80W Soldering Iron with Integrated Solder Feeder

  • Compatible with Weller WD1, WD1M, WR2, and WR3M soldering and rework base stations (sold separately)
  • Compatible with 0.5mm, 0.8mm, and 1.0 mm solder wire diameters
  • Efficient, single-handed soldering
  • Precise operation for highest quality work
  • Nonstick coating inside solder feed tube (no flux adhesion; save on maintenance costs)
  • Integrated start / stop / standby functions conserves energy and extends the service life of the unit
  • Amount of solder can be pre-set for efficient use. Feed motion is adjustable from 1 mm/s to 27.5 mm/s (0.04 in./s to 1.08 in./s)
  • Pulse mode: a defined amount of solder is applied each time the finger switch is pressed (LED on)
  • Normal mode: the solder wire is continuously delivered as long as the switch is pressed (LED off

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