Weller WR2000D Desolder Station


What’s Included:
Power unit, 300 W (WR2)
Desoldering iron 80 W / 24 V fitted with DSX 113HM
desoldering nozzle (DSX80)
Safety rest, Power cable, Equipotential bonding (WDH 30)
The Power unit WR2:
Two independent tool channels with automatic tool recognition
Weller Micro-Tools, WMRP & WMRT are not compatible
Allows simultaneous use of two tools (maximum of 300 watts)
Compatible with most Weller soldering and desoldering irons up to 200 watts
Programmable temperature memory key
Self-contained vacuum and air turbine
ESD safe
ECO button for “Sleep Mode”
If you need a station that will allow you to perform both soldering and desoldering operations at the same time -or soldering and hot air tasks -then the WR 2 is for you. This new rework station from Weller is based on our highly successful WR 3M product range. And with its two channel design, it offers superior performance at an affordable price.
This new station lives up to Weller high quality reputation. These tools allow operators to work more efficiently both in terms of time and energy as well as helping to extend tip lifetime. The two channels of the WR 2 power unit allows up to 78 combinations of soldering, desoldering, non-contact hot air, pre-heat, or solder bath functions. Two tools can be operated simultaneously as long as the total power of the two tools does not exceed 300 watts. In addition, to save on power consumption, an ECO function on the unit allows the tools to go into a sleep mode when not in use.

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