Toolkit Electrician Master Proffessional 27Pc


Toolkits are manufactured by Hot Tools SA

All toolkits manufactured by us can be changed according to customer specs.

Hot Tools can manufacture fully customized kits for all industry applications.

All kits are available in aluminium and ABS tool cases aswell as our range off toolbags.

Product Description


Toolbag:430x330x110mm Hottools.(KPS803)
Screwdriver slotted 2.5x75mm VDE 1000V Whirlpower
Screwdriver slotted 4.0x100mm VDE 1000V Whirlpower
Screwdriver slotted 5.5x125mm VDE 1000V Whirlpower
Screwdriver slotted 6.5x150mm VDE 1000V Whirlpower
Screwdriver Phillips PH0x60mm VDE 1000V Whirlpower
Screwdriver phillips PH1x80mm VDE 1000V Whirlpower
Screwdriver phillips PH2x100mm VDE 1000V Whirlpower
Screwdriver voltage tester 3.0x60mm Whirlpower
Hacksaw 300mm ABS Whirlpower
Torch LED 3AAA
Tape Measure 5m Whirlpower
Crimper For Insulated Lugs Hanlong
Wire Stripper.(PTS4)
Trimming Knife Retractable.(749060)
Shifting Spanner 200mm Whirlpower
Water Pump Plier VDE 250mm.(HT-10DPVDE)
Long Nose Plier VDE 200mm.(HT-801VDE)
Combination Plier VDE 180mm.(HT-816VDE)
Side Cutter VDE 200mm.(HT-822VDE)
Paintbrush 25mm Academy.(AB-F0103)
Cable Cutter 35mm
Ball Pein Hammer 300g.(2536)
Allen Key Set 1.5-10mm Whirlpower
File Flat 150mm 2ND Cut.
File Round 150mm 2ND Cut.
Socket Set 1/4″dr 33pc Whirlpower







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