Toolkit Electronic Professional In Aluminium Case


Product Description

Description   Unit Quantity
Screw Driver Set 7 Piece Whirlpower   EACH 1
Side Cutter 130mm Prescision Whirlpower   Each 1
Plier Needle Nose 140MM Seratted Whirlpower   EACH 1
Tweezer Staight 150mm Fine Tip Hot Tools   EACH 1
Plier Gas 180mm Hot Tools   EACH 1
Side Cutter 160mm Whirlpower   Each 1
Plier Combination 160mm Whirlpower   Each 1
Torch LED Aluminium 3-Function Hot Tools   EACH 1
Screw Driver Stubby 6IN1   EACH 1
Solder Dispencer 2M Hot Tools   EACH 1
Tape Measure 3M Whirlpower   EACH 1
Scissor 140mm Stainless Steel Hot Tools   EACH 1
Wiere Stripper Auto Whirlpower   EACH 1
Inspection Mirror 30mm C/W Magnet Kennedy   EACH 1
Magnetizer / Demagnitizer Hot Tools   EACH 1
Magnifier Hand held 50mm X5 Hot Tools   EACH 1
Screw Driver Set Precision 6 Piece Reversable Whirlpower   EACH 1
Desolder Wick 2.5mm X 1.5M Tech Spray   EACH 1
Allen Key Set 1.5-10mm Long Series Ball Point Whirlpower   EACH 1
Trimming Tool 2.3X150mm Hot Tools   EACH 1
Adjustable Wrench 150mm Whirlpower   EACH 1
Soldering Iron Gas Port Tech Portasol   EACH 1
Socket Set 1/4″Dr 33 Piece Whirlpower   EACH 1
Desoldering Tool Oryx   EACH 1
Brush Paint 25mm Acadamy   EACH 1
Trimming Knife Retractable Hot Tools   EACH 1
Hammer Ball Pein 200g Hot Tools   EACH 1
File Flat 150mm Whirlpower   EACH 1
Toolcase Aluminium ID450X340X160MM Hot Tools   EACH 1

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