Ti125 Industrial-Commercial Thermal Imager


The lightest, most rugged and easiest-to-use professional thermal imager has now arrived. Perform infrared inspections faster and more efficiently with the Ti125 Thermal Imager.

Includes Fluke CNX multi-tool connectivity allowing up to five additional measurements to be captured via Fluke CNX AC current, voltage and iFlex clamp modules

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Product Description

IR-OptiFlex focus system: Helps you inspect your facility significantly faster with Fluke’s revolutionary, ultra-rugged focus system. IR-OptiFlex gives you optimum focus by combining focus-free ease-of-use from four feet (1.2 M) and beyond with the flexibility of manual focus for distances of less than four feet, whether you are concentrating on overheating motors, scanning electrical connections, or monitoring processes

  • IR-Fusion technology: Experience three viewing modes (including Picture-in-Picture mode), with 11 color palette options to help you see and document problem areas.
  • Multi-mode video recording: Experience video recording in visible and infrared with IR-Fusion capabilities. Monitor problems over time, easily create video reports, analyze and troubleshoot frame by frame. Easily download to PCs for video viewing and analysis.
  • Streaming video output: Stream live focus-free video to a PC using SmartView® software (or to a display via PC) for analysis.
  • Electronic compass: The Ti125 comes equipped with an electronic eight-point cardinal compass that further clarifies the location of a problem—extremely useful when documenting and communicating issues to management or maintenance staff. Compass readings can easily be inserted into images and reports
  • IR-PhotoNotes annotation system: Get an exact reference of your problem area by attaching up to three visible light photos per infrared image. Capture digital images of surrounding areas, equipment, or any other helpful information.
  • Built rugged: The new Fluke imagers are slim and light, yet rugged and reliable. They’ve been designed to withstand a 2-meter drop, and have been put through a battery of tests, including vibration, extreme temperature, high humidity, and electromagnetic/radio frequency interference to ensure they survive in your harsh environment
  • Voice annotation: Add 60 seconds of voice annotation directly on the camera to quickly note and record comments in the field. You can easily review voice comments on camera or in SmartView® software. No clumsy headsets, microphones or earpieces are necessary.
  • Laser pointer/torch:  Our laser pointer allows you to accurately point out an area of concern to a colleague, while our torch (flashlight) allows you to illuminate dark places such as electrical cabinets or poorly lit mechanical rooms.
  • One-hand operation: The Ti125 has been ergonomically designed for simple, one-handed operation. Its lightweight, slim profile makes it easy to operate in either landscape or portrait format – your choice. All so you’ll have one hand free to steady yourself or hold another tool

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