Screwdriver Electric 0.98-3.43NM Brushless


Product Description

►It is autamatic Electric Screwdriver When the torque is locked,the clutch  will automafically trip the motor power will be automatically off and the electric screwdriver will stop running
►Brushless Motor is applicable in a dust-free condition. The output of torque is highly stable It is not only a easy-operate equipmeni but this screwdriver can be operated for a long period
►Brushless aerospace—graded motor is fit for operatng in dust-free condition,no corbon pollution no noise
►Non—contact switch is used to provide a durable life in which there is no necessity to replace the item often
►The forward/reverse switch is designed according to ergonomics allowing the one-handed ope ration
►Torque adjustment is easy and convenient slep-less adjustment by ratating the torque adjustment ring to the left or to the right speed can also be adjusted to high (H) or low(Lo)
►High precision of the torque,with step—Iess torque adjustment,simple operation,it can be generally used for electronic and electronic lightening products,home appliances loys,computer accessories and other processing and assemblying operations

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