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Product Description

QCK-LCD1 digital zoom stereo microscope

 New structural design, more compact and flexible, more comfortable operating and more widely used.

Large zoom ratio, high resolution and larger clear range

Full-featured, cost-effective, the best choose for the inspection in modem electronics industry .


High quality optical system, and optical components coated with special coating,  created a high-quality optical system.

Standard magnification 7X~45X. Use optional auxiliary lens, the magnification can be 3.5X~180X

Long working distance to create enough space for the uses

Suit to ergonomic design, feel less fatigue when long time use.


Parameters of CCD:

Imaging component size

1/3 inch

1/3 inch

Vertical resolution

480 TV line

480 TV line






Scanning system

525 lines, 60 frame/sec

625 lines, 60 frame/sec

White balance

Switch between automatic balance and manual balance



Signal noise ratio




Minimum illumination


Input voltage

12V DC(9V-14V)

Power consumption

Below 1.85W



Wide field high eyepiont eyepiece WF10X/20mm, WF15X/15mm,WF20X/10mm (can mount micrometer)

Wide field high eyepiont eyepiece and diopter adjustment eyepiece WF10X/20mm, WF15X/15mm, WF20X/10mm (can mount micrometer)

Viewing Head

DVSZMN645: Digital head with LCD screen. 45° inclined, 360°rotatable, zoom objective 0.7X-4.5X, working distance 100mm. inter-pupillary range 54~76mm, fixed eyepiece tube ( used for diopter adjustment eyepiece) 8 inch LCD screen, resolution ratio 800*600,CCD 520 TVLINES

Auxiliary Lens

0.5X/165mm. 0.75X/105mm. 1.5X/45mm. 2X/30mm.


SZMA1 focus arm, two focusing knobs are with tension adjustable, adjust range 50mm.

SZMNA1 focus arm, two focusing knobs are with tension adjustable, adjust range 50mm.

SZA2 industry bound focus arm 1 (industry exclusive use)

SZA3 industry bound focus arm 2 (industry exclusive use)


B4 pillar type sector plain stand

SZMST2 pillar type transmission stand, top & bottom halogen illuminator 12V15W (brightness adjustment).

SZMST3 pillar type transmission stand, top illuminator with 12V15W halogen bulb, brightness adjustment. bottom illuminator with 7W fluorescent light, fixed brightness

SZSTL1 single arm universal stand

SZSTL2 double arm universal stand

Other light source

Ring light/LED/Fiber

Photo device

Photo tube(with PK mount),4X photo eyepiece

TV device

0.35X/0.5X/1.0X  C-mount adapter


Precision measurement platform, dark field condenser, jewelry clip

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