LED Magnifiying lamp
magnifying lamp rnd

LED Magnifying Lamp Round Diopter X 5 125mm


  1. Integration of magnifying and lighting, magnifications selectable.
  2. Bright and stable light, no flash feeling, not harmful to people’s eyesight.
  3. White optical lens are available to relax the strain of eyesight after long time of use.
  4. Different colors can beautify the working environment.
  5. Applications: For electronic engineers to view or check micro components or components densely-fitted circuit board, or for medical personnel and beautician to light or magnify

Product Description


Specifications    QCK228X5         
Supply voltage    AC 220V
Lens diameter    Φ125mm
Lens option     X5
Magnifications     *3, *5, *8
Adjustable range    1000mm                 
Character    table-clamping, folding   arm; desk-top, pole-supported; desk-top, folding arm
Weight     about 2.9kg        

Note: 90 x  6W LED lights

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