LED Headband magnifier Multi Lens


LED headband magnifier multi lens
LED Head Loupe with Removable LED Light & Interchangeable Lenses
1.2X 520-60MM
1.8X 230X320MM
2.5X 150X250MM
3.5X 80X120MM

tured to stringent quality standards they have precision ground lenses for distortion free vision. Within the range you?ll find folding pocket linen testers, eye loupes, bench mounted illuminated magnifiers and microscopes.


This head loupe has a detachable LED light which can be removed to provide an independent source of light that has two magnets for attaching to steel objects. It can be worn with spectacles and has an adjustable headband for greater comfort and integral visor to cut out ambient light.
It comes with four interchangeable lenses supplied with their own storage case.
The lenses stay firmly in position when raised or lowered, leaving both hands free to work.
Suitable for electrical service and assembly, model making and other applications where both hands are required to carry out finely detailed work.

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