Knipex 98 99 14 Tool Kit 48PC


Tool Case 490x255x410mm
Combination Pliers 200mm
Insulation Stripper 160mm
Diagonal Cutter 160mm
Knipex Aligator 250mm
Cable Shears 200mm
Open End Spanner 10mm
Open End Spanner 13mm
Open End Spanner 14mm
Open End Spanner 17mm
Open End Spanner 19mm
Open End Spanner 22mm
Box Wrench 10mm
Box Wrench 13mm
Box Wrench 14mm
Box Wrench 17mm
Box Wrench 19mm
Box Wrench 22mm
Insulating Mat 500x500x1.6mm
Flat Screw Driver 177×2.5mm
Flat Screw Driver 202x4mm
Flat Screw Driver 232×5.5mm
Flat Screw Driver 262×6.5mm
Philips 1 Scredriver 187mm
Philips 2 Screwdriver 212mm
T-Handle 165mm
Reversible Ratchet
Extension Bar 125mm
Extention Bar 250mm
Hexagon Socket 10mm
Hexagon Socket 11mm
Hexagon Socket 12mm
Hexagon Socket 13mm
Hexagon Socket 14mm
Hexagon Socket 17mm
Hexagon Socket 19mm
Hexagon Socket 22mm
Hexagon Socket 24mm
Cable Knife 180mm
Dismantling Knife For Round Cable 155mm
Insulating Clamp 150mm
Electricians’ Gloves Size 9

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Product Description


  • 3-digit combination lock and two tilting locks for securing the lid
  • Floor pan, height 58 mm, subdivided by flexible inserts and cover plate with six large tool bags, push button fixed
  • Free standing in all opening positions by both sides mounted at 45 ° and 90 ° resting lid holder with hinge mechanism
  • Removable document compartment and removable tool board, single insertion, with 13 tool pockets
  • Dimensions, external (W x H x D): 490 x 255 x 410 mm
  • Dimensions, interior (W x H x D): 445 x (105 + 105) x 350 mm
  • Load Capacity to 30 kg
  • Metal hinges
  • Hand friendly handle and recessed in the bottom bracket for a “trolley” (Article available as an option under the Order No. 81 66 07)
  • Perimeter aluminium frame with D-rings for attaching a strap and fixed mounted, more stable, with versatile plug possibilities by elastic straps and 12 small pockets
  • Durable design made of ABS material, red, equipped with a range of common KNIPEX tools for working on electrical systems, tested according to DIN EN / IEC 60900, and additional guards, braces and gloves
  • An open one or both sides, bottom and lid can be opened independently of each other
  • 2 clip locks to fix to the floor

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