Knipex 00 21 40LE Tool Case


Toolcase 490x225x410mm
Heavy duty ABS material, black.
Sturdy aluminium frame with D-shape rings for belt and fix, sturdy centre board with multi-purpose push-in facilities by elestic loops and twelve small pockets.
Comfortable handle and mounting device for a “Trolley” embedded in the bottom.
Metal hinges.
30kg maximum load.
Can be opened on one or both sides; bottom tray and cover can be opened independently.
Stands stable in any opening position due to lid-holders and hinge mechanisms on both sides, that register in a position of 45° and 90°.
3-Digit lock and two flip-locks for fixation of the cover.
Removable documentr compartment and removeable tool board, with 13 push-in compartments on one side.
Two flip-locks to fix the bottom.
Base tray, height 58mm, can be subdevided by flexible inserts; cover plate with six large push-in compartments, can be fixed by popper.

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