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Hand operated impulse sealers are ideal for sealing PE and PP bags, used to package, food products, small machine parts, coffee beans and all manner of other small package items.

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Product Description

Hand operated bag sealer with adjustable heat timer.

Impulse Power: 400W
Sealing Length: 300mm
Sealing Length: 12 Inches
Sealing Width: 2.5mm
Heat Time: 0.2-1.5 sec
Size: 80x450x150mm

PFS Model Heat Sealer Diagram

1. Operation Handle
2.Top Sealing Arm / Edge
3. Housing
4. Heating Element
5. Sealing Light
6. Timer Adjustment Knob


Plug in the sealer. Adjust the timer knob (6.) appropriately for the material you are sealing. Place material to seal on the heating element (4.) Close sealing arm / edge (2.) using the operation handle (1.) Hold arm in place until sealing light extinguishes. Open arm. Seal Complete.


Seal is damaged : Too much heat reduce heat exposure time (6.)

Seal comes apart: Too short a seal time increase exposure time (6.)

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