Handi -Vac Vacuum Pick Up pen


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Product Description


  • Pen and Bulb Options
  • General-Purpose Component Handling

These lightweight, economical tools have black dissipative plastic handles and are available with non-marring static dissipative or conductive silicon vacuum cups. Placement accuracy is not as precise as pen-style pick-up tool, but bulb-style model is cost effective enough to include in every tool kit. Simply squeeze Handi-Vac handle (bladder) for suction or press/release the Pen-Vac push button to control the vacuum. All probes have stainless steel stems with zinc fittings. Black cups have 0.89mm inner diameter on component side and can be directly mounted to handle.

Handi-Vac Kits include 4 interchangeable tips (OD cup size): 3.18mm (one bent & one straight probe), 1/4″ with bent probe, and 9.52mm with straight probe.

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