Gas Soldering Iron Portasol Technic


The Technic combines complete portability with the power to perform a wide variety of soldering and repair tasks. Standard issue in many Telecom Authorities worldwide and in countless Service Companies, the Technic has become a ‘workhorse’ which combines compact power and convenient reliability. 

Product Description

Adjustable from 10 to 60 Watts equivalent power at 400°C and with a range of tips from 1.0mm to 4.8mm, the unit is rugged, reliable and of proven versatility. A Hot Knife tip is available for nylon rope and polymer cutting or general plastics shaping tasks. Flint Ignition.

Length 170mm
Weight 60g
Operating Time 60mins (typical)
Tip Temperature 400°C
Refill Time 10 secs (typical)
Gas Type Butane Gas Lighter Fuel
Tip Selection 5
Fitted Ignitor Yes
Ignitor Life 1000 cycles (typical)
Safety Cut-out Switch Yes
Temperature Adjustable Yes

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