Foam E Tool set Hot Tools


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Product Description

Item Description   Unit Quantity  
KPSFE Foam E Allen Torch Iron Plier File ….   Each 1  
KPS6020 Tray For Tool Foams Hot Tools   Each 1  
W158/0709 Allen Set 9-Piece 1.5-10mm XL BP Whirpow   Each 1  
TW-LIT223 Torch Led Aluminium 3-AAA Hot Tools   Each 1  
MTS3440 Hammer Ball Pein 100g MTS   Each 1  
KESSD Solder Wire Dispenser 2M Hot Tools   Each 1  
HT-7E Plier Water Pump 180mm Hot Tools   Each 1  
SPL-140 Scissor Stainless Steel 140mm Hot Tools   Each 1  
WU033/01 Mirror/Pick Up/Scriber Whirlpower   Each 1  
W1742/16 Wire Stripper 0.8-2.6mm Solid Whirlpower   Each 1  
KEN-5186040K Magnifier Hand Held 50mm X5 Kennedy   Each 1  
ORX-PROII Soldering Iron Gas Piezo Portasol   Each 1  
ORX-P25 Tip Solder 1.0mm PROII Oryx   Each 1  
W15407/1-150F File Flat 150mm Whirlpower   Each 1  
ORX-SR3AS Solder Sucker Oryx   Each 1  
AB-F0153 Brush Paint 25mm Blondie   Each 1  
ME-SN74062 Trimming Tool 2.3X150mm Hot Tools   Each 1  
SPL220SAP Tweezer Straight 150mm (IF108-0)   Each 1  

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