Foam D S/Drivers, Pliers, Tape, Shifter, Knife


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Product Description


Item Description Unit Quantity
KPSFD Foam D S/Drivers Pliers Tape Shift Knife Each 1
KPS6020 Tray For Tool Foams Hot Tools Each 1
WS111/6-07530 Screwdriver Slotted 3X75mm Whirlpower Each 1
WS111/6-10040 Screwdriver Slotted 4X100mm Whirlpower Each 1
WS111/6-12555 Screwdriver Slotted 535x125mm Whirlpower Each 1
WS111/6-15065 Screwdriver Slotted 6.5x150mm Whirlpower Each 1
WS112/3-0600 Screwdriver Phillips 0x60mm Whirlpower Each 1
WS112/3-0801 Screwdriver Phillips 1x80mm Whirlpower Each 1
WS112/3-1002 Screwdriver Phillips 2x100mm Whirlpower Each 1
LM-PQ32530 Screwdriver Stubby 6in1 Picquic Each 1
W1248/7-155 Shifting Spanner 155mm Whirlpower Each 1
WG018/09-300 Tape Measure 3M Whirlpower Each 1
MAG220 Magnetizer / Demagnetizer Hot Tools Each 1
OB-749060 Knife Retractable Hot Tools Each 1
KEIBA-FCC106 Plier Combination 160mm Keiba Each 1
KEIBA-FCC206 Side Cutter 160mm Keiba Each 1
KEIBA-MC616 Plier Needle Nose 150mm Keiba Each 1
KEIBA-MNC/A05 Side Cutter 125mm Precision Keiba Each 1


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