ESD Poly Cotton Dust Coat Small 5mm


Product Description

Material: ESD Cotton Item: ESD Cotton labcoat.

2.Fabric Composition:63% Polyester+33%Cotton+4%Conductive fibers ,

3.Carbon Loaded Yarns (conductive yarns) in 5mm grid.

4.Fabric Size: 1.52m x 100m(Length can be customized)

5.Standard Color: Blue and white,All colors available providing pantone Number

6.Fabric Weight: 150 g/m2±3%

7.Idea for manufacturing ESD Smock

8.Complies with EN 61340-5-1

9.Static dissipative fabric,10E5~10E9 ohms.

10.Breathable and comfortable.

Electrical properties:

Test Item

Test standard

Typical values


Point to point resistance Rp

EN 61340-5-1

105 – 107 Ω

RP 1012 Ω

Decay time


0.5~0.9 Sec PeakVoltage≤150V

<2sec to 10% of intial Value(max peak voltage 1000v)


Maintains its electrical properties according to EN 61340-5-1 after 80 normal washings.

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