Charleswater 99004

Esd Combo Wriststrap Footwear Tester W/Stand


Product Description

Dual test circuits.
Versatile, tests footwear and wrist straps.

  • Positive rocker switch actuation.
    Reliably changes test mode.
  • Redesigned test button.
    Rugged and reliable operation.
  • LED’s display test results.
    Simple operation with clear test results.
  • Red light and audible alarm.
    Indicates that circuit resistance is too high or too low.
  • Battery powered with low battery indicator.
    Provides early warning to replace battery.
  • Optional AC adapter.
    Versatile – can use line AC if preferred.
  • Base plate features conductive matting
    Provides high durability – no dings, scratches, etc.
    Provides accuracy – electrical properties closely match those of flooring surfaces found in production area
    Hides dirt and marks
    Two pounds lighter than previous stainless steel version
  • 10mm stud adapter (80020) supplied for banana jack.
    Care: cannot be removed once inserted.
  • Made in the United States of America
    Superior Quality

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