Elditest GE1521 Oscilloscope probe


Oscilloscope probe,150MHz,x1/x10

Supplied with

1 replacement tip 1 coaxial adaptor 1 spring hook grabber 1 compensation trimming tool 1 earth lead with crocodile clip

Product Description

Elditest Compact Ergonomic Oscilloscope Probes

Compact, ergonomically designed probes (non-modular) for oscilloscopes Integral compensation trimmer Cable length 1.2m
Termination 50Ω BNC Voltage category IEC1010-2-031 300V Cat 1 Test voltage 1150V For accessories kit ( 1 screw driver, 1 BNC adaptor, 1 ground lead, 1 test clip, 1 needle )

Model GE1501 GE2501 GE1511 GE1521 GE2511 GE2521
Attenuation x1 x1 x10 x1/x10 x10 x1/x10
Bandwidth 30MHz 55MHz 150MHz 150MHz 250MHz 250MHz
Rise/Fall Time 11ns 6.4ns 2.3ns 2.3; 20ns 1.4ns 7.7; 1.4ns
Compensation Range 7777pF 7777pF 10-30pF 10-30pF 10-30pF 10-30pF
Input Capacitance 45pF 45pF 12pF 45; 12pF 12pF 45; 1245pF
Input Impedance 1MΩ 1MΩ 10MΩ 1(x1); 10(x10)MΩ 10MΩ

1(x1); 10(x10)MΩ

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