DS-KIT-1 – Desoldering Kit for TMT-9000S


Thermaltronics DS-KIT-1 desoldering kit for use on the TMT-9000S uses shop air to create a powerful air vacuum to clean through-holes quickly and efficiently. Cleaning and maintenance is quick and easy with the use of replaceable filter wools (DS-FW-1) and chamber liners (DS-CL-1).
Uses Thermaltronics MDT Series Desoldering Tips.
High thermal recovery & performance.
Easy and simple maintenance.
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Product Description

DS-AH-1 Desoldering Gun Airhose
DS-CP-1 Filter Wool (6pcs) & Chamber Liner (15pcs)
DS-GUN-1 Desoldering Handpiece
DS-HPC-1 Desoldering Gun Handpiece Cable
DS-TCT-1 Cleaning Toolkit
RMP-1 Cartridge Removal Pad
SHH-3 Desoldering Gun Workstand

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