Dow Corning 3145 Clear RTV Coating 100g Tube


Product Description.
One-part, gray, moisture RTV, non-flow, high strength, UL and Mil Spec.

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Product Description

Typical Use: Sealing openings in modules and housings; adding mechanical stability to individual components; assembly of components on PWBs; sealing in and around wires and electrical leads; yoke assembly.
Key Specifications: MIL-A-46146 Rev. B, Amend. 3 Type I, Group II, CERT Color/Appearance: Clear Product Name: Dow Corning 3145 Silicone Adhesive Clear 90 mL Tube

1 part or 2: 1 part
Base Chemistry: Silicone
Cure Time: 48h @ room temperature
Dielectric Strength: 500 V/mil
Durometer/Hardness: 47 A
Elongation: 680%
Rt Tack Free Time: 63min
Service Temperature: 50 to 200 °C
Shear Strength Psi: 1,900
Specific Gravity: 1.12 @ 25 °C
Tensile Strength: 940 psi
Viscosity Cp: Nonflow
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