Desoldering Gun Denon SC7000Z


Designed For Lead Free

Suction capacity and hot blow system are

further⦆ powered up. Removal of chip, SMD

components,SMT solder residue clean up is

done with more ease⦆and more efficiency



Product Description

Direct connection between the diaphragm pump and the tip can provide high vacuum efficiency which can accommodate for the 8-12 layered PCB.

  • The combination of a 100W ceramic heater with sensor feedback temperature control circuit and high vacuum capacity can provide best work efficiency with no failure.
  • Protection against ESD is secured.
  • Quite compact, light-weight unit portable and ready to use at any location.
  • Low noise and low vibration.
  • The removal of SMD components can be easily done by a flick of the selector lever and by replacing the tip with the hot blow nozzle.


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