Cutter Precision 110mm Flush Keiba HNC-D04


Product Description

Stainless steel with 2 component handle

The light weight and rust-proof stainless steel plate is used. Two-component handles are newly adopted for easier gripping. It is thin, but with tough feeling also, and will give high performances in the delicate tion with the leading grip manufacturer in Europe . They are non-slip even if they are wet. They fit in your hands very well and give you finest gripping feel.


Unlike Nipper pliers, cut out in flat, finishing works beautifully.
Good manufacturers products and Southeast Asian products and quality difference is clear, just like knives.
Cut diagonally and beads so as easier to will.
KEIBA Nipper blade cross section of beauty we are stand out.

The grip openings for spring with new development,
Also used a long-hand less tired now are.
Also See and-boobs-and-or ‘ With grip and hand fit

Jointly developed with Germany’s leading manufacturers
Hold function thoroughly pursued.
In the scene for detailed work and hobby, this moist feeling of absolute satisfaction guarantee.
Please check the exclusive grip from slipping even when wet the difference.

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