Product Description

Measure the length and distance of a cable whether on a drum or pre-installed Detect Network cable faults quick and easily saving you time and money. Our Gigacore remote UTP LCD Cable Tester will verify and test Cable Continuity, Open shorts, Cable Crossovers, Correct Pin Configuration and Shield grounding. The snap off terminator is used for remote testing. It uses TDR ( Time Domain Reflectometer ) to measure the length and distance of the cable. LCD Backlight Display.There are 8 Remote ID available.


Port Test Capability: DSL (6 pin RJ-11)
- Port Test Capability: UTP (CAT 5, 5e, 5.5e, 6, 6A), F-Connector
- Wire Test Method: Open/Short Circuit, Jumper Wire, Reverse, Cross-Talk & Split Pairs
- Power Source: 1x 9 Volt Alkaline Battery
- Switch Available: LAN, TEL, COAX, LENGTH, Memory, Setup, TEST, Power, TONE (Sold separately TOOL-TONE)
- Max Cable Length : 1 ~ 350 meters, Min. 1m (Split Pairs Test)

- Dimensions: 90(W) x 40(H) x 195(L) mm
- Weight: 310 grams (w/o 9V Alkaline Battery)


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