Battery Tester 12V Lead Acid Ansmann


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Lead Acid Battery Tester

Simple to use tester, that checks both battery and car charging circuits
Suitable for use with all 12V car batteries
Can be used with standard lead acid or sealed batteries
Checks alternator circuit for over or under charging
Tests the battery charge state
Will allow control of battery charging when using external battery chargers
Short circuit and reverse polarity protected

Alternator overcharging LED on at 14.8V ±0.1V and above
Alternator OK LED on at 13.8V ±0.1v, off at 14.8V ±0.1V
Battery full charge LED 75-100% on at 12.7V ±0.05V and above
  LED 25-75% on at 12.45V ±0.05V, off at 12.7V
  ±0.05V, LED 0-25% on at 12.2V ±0.05V, off at
  12.45V ±0.05V
Battery power test LED on at 9.8V ±0.1V and above
Supply 6 to 16V
Protection Supply to 30V for 1 second. Fully protected against reverse connection and short circuit

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