Amptec 620LK BONDING Milli-Ohmmeter


Amptec research 620LK IINTRINSICALLY SAFE BONDING Milli-Ohmmeter
AMPTEC 620LK (Ultra Low Resistance) Explosive Safety Bonding Milli-Ohmmeter:
AMPTEC 620LK-B Bonding Milliohmmeter, the brand new AMPTEC 620LK Low Resistance Safety Bonding Milliohmmeter measures even lower bond resistance levels with even better resolution and better accuracy. Designed originally for measuring very low resistance bonds that are less than 0.5 milliohm (on the Lockheed Martin F-35 Tiger Shark). The AMPTEC 620LK Bonding Milli-ohmmeter’s failsafe constant current source operates at ten times the level (100 mA vs 10 mA) of the AMPTEC 620LK-B Bonding Ohmmeter. The higher current level provides the AMPTEC 620LK with rock solid accurate readings below 1/2 or 0.5 milliohms with 0.01 milliohm resolution and a very high 0.1 milliohm accuracy
AMPTEC 620LK Bonding Ohmmeter Commercial Package also includes:
1) Protective padded carrying case, 2) 4-Wire Kelvin Handheld Probes (OP630-403 Mini-probes), 3) Operator/maintenance manual 4) U.S.A. N.I.S.T Traceable Calibration Certificate – MIL STD 130 Marking and MIL STD 129P packaging is optionally available. The AMPTEC 620LK Low Ohm Bond Meter is the ideal replacement for Aircraft Equipment Maintenance Team’s to modernize their inventory getting away from of old heavy bonding ohmmeters that have been in use since the 1970′s.

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