Alpha UP-78 No-Clean Solder Flux Paste(gel) 100g


Product Description

  • Alpha UP-78 is a No Clean solder paste with a post-reflow residue that is clear and colorless and is penetrable enough to allow easy ATE compatibility (pin testability). The residue is engineered to be soft and non-tacky to allow the lowest level of false rejects during pin testing. Alpha UP-78 is designed for stencil application and air reflow in surface mounting processes where post reflow cleaning is not required. Long stencil life and stable tack for minimum change in performance over 8 hour shifts under varying humidity exposure. Tolerant to a variety of reflow profiles for easy reflow on varying board designs. Highly penetrable residue to allow easy ATE compatibility (pin testing) and minimal false fails. Clear and colorless residue after reflow for the best board cosmetics. Application: For Standard and Fine Pitch Printing Through Stencil Apertures, Suitable For Use Across a Wide Variety of Process Settings, Including Rework Applications with BGA’s and Other Components, Especially Suitable for Printing on Assemblies That have OSP Coated Copper Pads
  • Type: Type 3
  • Container Type: 6 in Cartridge
  • Container Size: 700 g
  • Composition: 63 Tin 37 Lead
  • Color: Clear
  • Flash Point: > 200 Deg F
  • Specific Gravity: 0.99 g/cc
  • Viscosity: M13
  • Manufacturer: Alpha

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