3M 9310 Foldable Respirator FFP1 Box 20 Masks


3M 9310 Standard: EN149:2001 FFP1
3M 9310 Approval: CE Marked
3M 9310 Maximum use level: Assigned Protection Factor: 4 x WEL (Nominal Protection Factor 4 x WEL)

Product Description

The 3M 9310 mask provides respiratory protection against low levels of fine dusts and mists.

- Provides comfort and style without compromising performance
- Extensive European field trials have proved the superiority of this range over more traditional respirators
- Three-panel design for improved comfort, fit and communication
- Reliable, effective protection agaist fine particulates
- Individually packed, foldable design prevent contamination before use and allows easy storage
- Soft inner cover-web for greater comfort against the skin
- Even-tensioned straps relieve pressure for a comfortable and secure fit.
- Yellow colour coded straps denoting FFP1 protection level.

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