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Electricians Toolkit

  • KPX989912

    Knipex 98 99 12 Tool Kit 26PC

    Toolcase 440x105x385
    Combination Pliers 200mm
    Diagonal Cutter 160mm
    Open End Spanner 10mm
    Open End Spanner 11mm
    Open End Spanner 12mm
    Open End Spanner 13mm
    Open End Spanner 14mm
    Open End Spanner 17mm
    Open End Spanner 19mm
    Dismantling Knife 155mm
    Flat Screwdriver 177×2.5mm
    Flat Screwdriver 202×3.5mm
    Flat Screwdriver 202x4mm
    Flat Screwdriver 232×5.5mm
    Philips 0 Screwdriver 162mm
    Philips 1 Screwdriver 187mm
    Philips 2 Screwdriver 212mm
    Hexagon Socket10mm
    Hexagon Socket 11mm
    Hexagon Socket 12mm
    Hexagon Socket 13mm
    Hexagon Socket 14mm
    Hexagon Socket 17mm
    Hexagon Socket 19mm
    Cable Knife 180mm

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  • wp302elec2

    Toolkit Electricians Basic Profesional 15pc

    Toolkits are manufactured by Hot Tools SA

    All toolkits manufactured by us can be changed according to customer specs.

    Hot Tools can manufacture fully customized kits for all industry applications.

    All kits are available in aluminium and abs tool cases aswell as our range off toolbags.

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