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Headlamps & Torches

  • lit239

    81 LED Work Light & Torch Rechargeable

    Able to be used as a work light or a torch, this rechargeable super bright light is perfect for boating, camping, working on the car or for emergencies. With 81 super bright LEDs, it provides enough light for any situation. It is also equipped with two powerful magnetic clip-on brackets for fixing to metal surfaces, leaving your hands free. It can be recharged with a mains charger or via a car cigarette lighter outlet.

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  • led-lenser-v9-laser-pointer

    Led Lenser V9 Laser Pointer

  • LEDD14

    Led lenzer D14 LED diving torch 150 lumens

    Professional divers know that conventional lamps dont get you very far when under water. Refraction rules out long ranges. Therefore, we designed a lamp that due to its axial collimator attains a strength of focus that has hitherto been considered impossible. The lamp head consists of high-grade steel, the body of shock-resistant and shatter-proof plastic. A newly-developed magnetic switch facilitates easy handling even with gloves. Compared to the previous model, we have doubled the light output (3 watt chip). Four Mignon (AA) batteries provide more than 50 hours of light. The chip has a service life of 100,000 hours, i.e. if the lamp is operated for 3 hours per week, the diode will last for 600 years

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  • lmledh14r

    Led lenzer H14R LED headlamp 210 lumens rechargeable

    The LED LENSER H14R is a newly-developed rechargeable head lamp with outstanding luminance and eco-friendly energy concept. As a rechargeable version of the H14, it also features the Advanced Focus System and the microcontroller-operated Smart Light Technology (SLT). To top off this lamp’s impressive performance portfolio, the H14R can also be operated with standard batteries and comes with a universal fastener that facilitates flexible mounting of the lamp head. The LED LENSER H14R will impress you with low operating costs and extreme brightness and is particularly suitable for professional applications

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  • LEDH5

    Led lenzer H5 LED headlamp 26 lumens

    This head lamp can do more than just look elegant. Its special optics focuses the super-bright light of the LED in a particularly effective way or expands it by turning the lens, so that a broad, circular low beam is generated. The lamp head can be swivelled within an angle of 90 degrees. A soft headband and the fact that the lamp weighs so little make it really comfortable to wear. Thanks to its red backlight, the LED LENSER H5 is ideal for joggers and walkers at night.

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  • ledh7

    Led lenzer H7 LED headlamp 170 lumens

    Pros are thrilled. With approximately 170 lumens, the LED LENSER H7 headlamp is a miracle of light. It is brighter than three conventional electric torches. This lightweight champion is full of the best technology. You can change from long-distance light to circular low beam. The Advanced Focus System with its convenient features makes outdoor activities more comfortable and, above all, safer. A circular potentiometer allows for smooth dimming and the lamp head can be swivelled within an angle of 90 degrees. The design is simply convincing. The LED LENSER is our best head lamp

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  • ledh7r

    Led lenzer H7R LED headlamp 170 lumens rechargeable

    We try the impossible to achieve the possible. Our developers, engineers and designers are particularly proud of the LED LENSER H7R. Two brand-new functions demonstrate once again that we have an impressive technological lead: the dimming function, which controls brightness and is infinitely adjustable between 0 and 100 and the highprecision optics manufactured in. The innovative lens system not only generates a broad, circular low beam, but also highly-focused long-distance light. The lamp is easy to handle, and its enormous capacity and luminosity leave nothing to be desired. Rechargeable batteries and a charger are included in delivery and minimize operating costs. Smart: The lamp can also be operated with standard AAA alkaline batteries.

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  • LEDP14

    Led lenzer P14 LED torch 210 lumens

    Our LED LENSER P14 features the Dynamic Switch (3 levels of brightness) and a 39 mm reflector-lens. In combining them with the new Super Light Chip, we have achieved a level of focusing that sends an incredibly sharp light beam into the night. This lamp is world class. But theres more: When you move the lamp head, the concentrated beam wondrously expands to form a wide, homogeneous circle of light that enables you to evenly illuminate large areas. The LED LENSER P14 is operated with 4 alkaline Mignon batteries that cost about 1 Euro at the discount store. Hence, this lamp not only sets new standards in luminous efficiency and focusing, but also in economy

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  • LEDP17

    Led lenzer P17 LED torch 220 lumens

    Police officers, firefighters and emergency forces need robust, super-bright flashlights that withstand continuous use and exceptional conditions. They have to be shock-proof and resistant to great variations in temperature. Our LED LENSER P17 meets all of these demands and is also up to mark when it comes to recreational activities and sports. Hunters and anglers will delight in this technological master – piece, for it combines light source, optics and user-friendliness in an ideal way. The lamp is operated with 3 D batteries that provide a surprisingly long service life at low cost. The newlydeveloped switch offers you a choice between extremely bright and dimmed light, so that the LED LENSER P17 can be used both at long range and close-up range. Furthermore, it is a dazzle-free reading lamp. It goes without saying that we equipped the LED LENSER P17 with our unique, scientifically developed optical system that sets new standards in focusing technology

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  • lmledp4

    Led lenzer P4 LED torch 20 lumens

    The lamp for engineers and technicians. No matter whether you inspect the undercarriage of a car, replace a fuse or are an industrial worker – the LED LENSER P4 does a good job. The lamp can be attached to shirt or workwear as fast as lightning and weighs so little that you hardly notice it. However, you will notice its brilliant, super-bright light which you can focus by turning the lamp head. The P4 is operated with two standard, inexpensive AAA micro cells.

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  • lmledx21

    Led lenzer X21 LED torch 950 lumens

    This masterpiece is another milestone in our company history. The LED LENSER X21 will cause a sensation because it allows for a whole range of new applications in light engineering. The lamp has a light output of up to 950 lumens. Thanks to the Advanced Focus System, the light cone can be adjusted dynamically.
    You must have held this lamp in your hand to be able to really appreciate it. The LED LENSER X21 offers a broad, circular low beam as well as a sharply focused searchlight beam. 7 ultra-bright high-performance chips and 7 terminator lenses produce a quality of light that you have never experienced before – a blazing beam that makes even car headlights look pale in comparison. This lamps lighting range is already legendary. And its impressive appearance radiates power and authority

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  • LEDX21R

    Led lenzer X21 LED torch 950 lumens rechargeable

    This rechargeable flashlight is a technological sensation. It produces up to 1600 lumens* in lighting performance which is controlled by our microchip-controller-operated Smart Light Technology. This means you have a total of eight lighting functions and three light programs available. Depending on your area of application simply select the right program with the right functions. In addition to this you can decide whether you want to operate the flashlight in regulated power mode or not. You have to have used this flashlight in order to describe it properly. Seven ultra bright LED chips can be focused via seven individual lenses and project an amazingly homogenous and sharply defined circle of light. Particularly when setting the focus the flashlight creates a blazingly bright beam of light which outshines even car headlights. Due to its charging method, the X21R is not only environmentally friendly but also particularly cost-effective

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  • ledx7r

    Led lenzer X7R LED torch 500 lumens rechargeable

    The LED LENSER X7R is a spectacular, rechargeable flashlight with an innovative charging system. Two synchronised reflector lenses (X-LENS Technology) give the flashlight a design that, with its unprecedented shape and innovative technology, will both impress and surprise you. The luminous flux of up to 500 lumens can either be concentrated as a search light beam or for close up work it can shine in a circle up to 45 metres in diameter. The Lamp, which focus’ system is based on the patented. Advanced Focus System, is powered by a rechargeable lithium ion battery. The charger is a real technological sensation. The flashlight “floats” under the charger. FCS: Floating Charge System. The system is handy, eye-catching and provides a high level of operational safety.

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  • Zartek ZA-441

    Rechargeable 10 Watt LED Worklight ZA-441

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  • ZA-458

    Torch 900 lumens Rechargeable

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  • WM064-01

    Working Light Rechargeable 27-6LED

    SKU: WM064/01.
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